Late Night Breakfast

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It has been a while since my last post, but what a great idea, I really hope that this becomes a tradition. For those who were there, the hundreds that showed up were delighted, the only problem was that they couldn’t make the food fast enough. It really was a treat to see people legitimately excited for meal hall.


Next time, I really hope that there will be a next time, have more than one breakfast meat, and potato option.


Flex Cash

•June 4, 2007 • 14 Comments

This is an absurd Idea, Students already have Axe Cash. Meal Plans were not hard to calculate, and everyone had it down to a system. This new Flex Cash just doesn’t fly.
This was taken from the Acadia Website regarding Flex Cash which can be found here

4. Do the new dining plans allow for meal exchanges?

The meal exchange component of the 2006-07 dining plans has been replaced with a Flex Cash amount of $100, which allows students to purchase food items at the campus retail outlets. Flex Cash provides students with greater flexibility than meal exchanges, as there are not any restrictions regarding the food items that may be purchased, meal periods or cash equivalencies. Students are encouraged to enjoy their meals and breaks at Wheelock Dining Hall where they have greater a variety of healthy choices. As well, Wheelock Dining hall will serve as a campus social hub, and the environment and excitement will be enhanced by Guest Chefs, cooking demonstrations, and nutrition forums.

5. What if a student has left over Flex Cash at the end of the year?

As Flex Cash is considered part of the dining plan package it does not have any cash value, and therefore will not be refunded.

6. What if students run out of Flex Cash?

While students may not purchase additional Flex Cash, they may purchase Axe Cash, which provides additional flexibility. Axe Cash may be purchased online using a credit card (click here) or by visiting the Residence Life Office in Bancroft House. Please note that Axe Cash purchases may not be applied to the Student Account. Axe Cash Balances over $5 at the end of the academic year are automatically refunded to students’ Student Account.

What Meal Exchange?

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Recently I heard a rumour that has been causing myself as well as other customers of Acadia Meal plans quite a bit of stress. All of a sudden it seems as though meal exchanges will no longer be a part of the 2007-2008 meal plan. This is an absolutely terrible idea. Sometimes students can’t make it up to Wheelock between classes, sometimes they do not want to eat there; sometimes it isn’t even open. After 7:30 hot food is no longer served, whereas fresh slices of pizza and sandwiches are available down at Mo Mo’s. Meal Exchanges can also be done until 11:00 at night, which is convenient for those students that have a night class.


The bottom line is that students are paying for the ability to do a meal exchange, and fully removing them is a terrible idea. I know some students who only do exchanges and rarely visit Wheelock. I hope that this is just a rumour, and does not actually happen.


2007-2008 Meal Plans

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So I have come out of retirement fairly early BUT today was a big day at meal hall.

While looking at the plans for Wheelock Dinning Hall next year I was pondered about the meal plans. If Chartwells does keep a fixed number of meals per week plan, I have a couple suggestions.

The first is to give all students with 10, 15, 19, or next years’ equivalent plans a system of 10 “bonus” meals a semester. With these bonus meals they would have more privileges and flexibility. Some privileges could include swiping someone into Wheelock Dinning Hall, or if they run out of meals at the end of the week they would have a couple extra. Other options might be using it as an extra meal exchange in a certain time period.

It would be convenient to not have to pay extra for these, but to have them built into the meal plan. The way that Chartwells could justify giving these to students by looking at them as meals that students have missed out on. It would also be a good way to promote dining at Wheelock to off campus students.

My other suggestion is to give guests of students with a meal plan some kind of discount. It could be 25% on each meal, or make dinners the same price as lunch. There are many ways to discount, but it would be nice for guests to be able to dine at Wheelock for a reasonable fee.

The End

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Dear Readers,


I thank you for reading my blog over the last two months, as if it weren’t for you this web page would not exist, however, all good things must come to an end. With the school year coming to a close I have decided to end the blog a little early. For the last two months I have spent some time, mostly every day checking menu’s and reviewing what I have ate as well as published suggestions from other students about what they would like to see. I even got to have a lunch with many executives from Chartwells. The blog has provided nothing but great opportunities.


Now it is coming to an end, this year at least, however if there is something that I feel needs to be said, then I will make a special post, but as with the last couple days, the regular posts have come to an end. The truth is I am just to bust with the end of the year to maintain a regular posting schedule. If you do want to see what is being offered you can check out:


Also, one last thing to all the students, if you think that meal hall was sub-par, don’t just say “Man, meal hall sucked tonight.” Write a comment card about what the problem was or what you would like to see. I have gotten to know many of the staff of Wheelock dinning hall, and they don’t want you to think the food was bad. If there is something that they can do to make your experience better then they will.


With that said I thank you once again for checking out my blog.




Lucas Walker

March 29th Menu/Soup Suggestion

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Italicized items are healthy choices




Belgium waffles with maple syrup

Fried ham

Fried eggs

Home fries

Boiled eggs



Maple glazed fried ham with scallop potatoes green beans

Stirfry, beef, haddock, tofu, Chinese fried rice

Old Country Pie

Steamed Rice



Maple BBQ quarter roast chicken with roast potatoes, maple glazed root vegtables

Pasta bar: Italian sausage, scallops and tofu, white wine cream and tomato sauce

Chunky root vegetable stew

Steamed rice

Maple glazed ham


All day features

Soups – On this note I would like to add that lately many people have said the soup is way too salty.


Hearty beef and pasta

Cream of vegetable with maple

Chinese pork

Cream of tomato

Veggie chilli





Roasted veggie

Rigatoni bolgnese


The fresh grille

Crispy chicken fingers

Snack basket: onion rings, fries, zucchini fingers

Grilled cheese

Salsa and provolone veggie burgers

March 27th preview/March 26th review

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Healthy choice items are italicized


All day meals


Eggo muffin with cheese

Sausage paties

Scrambled eggs

Roasted potatoes

Boiled eggs



Soft shell taco, spicy ground beef and Spanish rice

“Pasta bar” meatballs, crab and tofu, marina and Alfredo sauce

Oriental mushroom tofu

Chop suey

Steamed rice



Chicken Chimichanga with corn bread and steamed broccoli

Caesar salad station, chicken, shrimp & tofu

Vegetable baked beans

Steamed rice

Baked potato bar


All day features


Roasted potato


Beef & pasta

Cream of tomato

Veggie chilli



Italian sausage and sun dried tomato


Braised radiccio

Spaghetti with meat sauce


The Fresh Grille

Smoked turkey croissant

French beef dip with au jus

Grilled cheese

Mushroom and Swiss veggie burgers


The 26th was pretty decent; it was nice not having to search three different places just to find a clean fork. I am starting to become rather impressed by the pasta at the pizza station, although I learned the hard way to always pick it up from the plate. Other than that my only gripe was the lack of hummus at the sandwich station, but I was glad to see some tuna.


Also one thing that I would like to see is at the meal exchanges, we should be able to fill out our own sub/sandwich form, and then just have them initial the price on it, this could make the line go much faster.